What is the design/build process anyway? Many contractors that don't provide a design/build process let the customer find a designer on their own and work with them separately. Once that design is done, the customer will then need to find a contractor to work with who will build the project. Starting your remodeling project working with both a designer and a contractor seperately, playing the middle man, and trying to make decisions is a challenging way to complete your project. This process is very time consuming, confusing and overall very frustrating.

At CORE Remodeling we believe the Design/Build process is the most effective model for residential home remodeling and construction. As architects, designers and builders under one roof, we work with you as a team. CORE has a united and experienced team from initial concept through construction, which means that we can identify potential issues before they become problems. Our CORE process will also answer all of our clients’ needs, which reduces problems and overall costs. This is how CORE ensures a smooth remodeling process from start to finish. Take a minute to read about our process to see if CORE is the right contractor for you. Then read reviews from our past customers to see how our remodeling process worked for them.


Here's a step-by-step guide of our design/build process.


Step 1: In-Home Consultation

  • During the in-home visit we get to see the area we will be remodeling and further discuss your project.
  • Continue getting to know each other, what is important to you, and gather as much information as possible in terms of design and scope of work.
  • Together we will decide if we can create a fixed cost proposal without designing the project in detail and making all of the product selections needed.
  • Have a more in-depth discussion about what you are looking for in the contractor you want to work with. We will also discuss and confirm the project budget range options to determine your interest in moving forward with the design process.
  • We will also discuss with you the next step if you choose to go forward, which is to sign our Design/Build agreement.
  • At the end of this meeting if we both confident about working together, your CORE Remodeling Consultant will prepare a Design/Build agreement for your project.

Step 2: Design/Build Agreement

  • Review your Design/Build agreement, which includes a basic description of the steps and phases of the process, as well as an estimated budget range of your proposed project.
  • Agree CORE Remodeling is the right contractor for your project and that you are ready to move forward.
  • Sign the Design/Build agreement and provide the design retainer for the project.

Step 3: Design & Planning

Upon acceptance of the Design/Build agreement and payment of the required design retainer, we will begin the detailed design work which includes:

  • Gather all required information for your project.
  • Further development of the design and final project concept drawings.
  • Assistance with product and material selections.
  • Create the detailed specifications for your project.

Step 4: Production/Construction

Once plans, specifications, and material selections are complete, a fixed price Massachusetts HIC compliant construction contract is finalized. Your initial design retainer is applied towards the contract and the initial deposit is collected. Upon finalizing the contract, CORE Remodeling will complete the following:

  • Complete the plans as needed for construction and for permit application.
  • Take care of the building permit application process. CORE Remodeling will apply for all permits required.
  • Produce a detailed construction schedule using our online project management program called CORE Construct.
  • Have a pre-construction meeting to review the project one more time, discuss what to expect and answer any of your questions.
  • Construction of your project will be overseen by our NARI Certified Production Manager and completed using our Lead Carpenter system.
  • Hold weekly project update walk-through meetings.
  • We hope to earn your referrals through superior performance by every member of our team.

Step 5: Post-Production

  • Together we will do a project pre-completion walk through to identify and agree on any remaining details required to call your project complete.
  • Once complete project completion documents are signed.
  • After construction is complete, your warranty period will begin.
  • We supply you with a project packet which includes project warranty and care information for all of your materials.
  • We will then ask you if we have earned the right to be referred to others by you.
  • We will also ask if you would help us by providing a written testimonial or review.
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