8 Steps To Avoid A Remodeling Disaster


The remodeling process can wreak havoc on your life if you aren't prepared. The CORE Remodeling Team has seen this happen time-and-time again. We have some advice for avoiding this issue.

1. Plan for Extra Expenses
When undertaking a remodeling project, extra expenses are likely to occur, so it’s important to budget for unforeseen expenses. Planning ahead it is estimated that you should save 10% above and beyond your budget.

2. Designate a Quiet Room
Designate a room in your home where you can escape from the remodeling process. Chaos can happen especially if you work from home or have small kids and/or pets. The CORE Remodeling Team recommends designating a room in your home so you can get some peace while construction is underway. If this is important to you please be sure to take the time to discuss this with your remodeling contractor. If you do that, they will make every effort to stay away from the area that you designated.

3. Have a Pre-Construction Meeting
Having a pre-construction meeting with your remodeling contractor to understand the process is extremely important. We recommend that you bring a detailed check list of items to discuss, such as a location for the dumpster and portable toilet, where materials can be stored, the time you would prefer work to begin and end each day, access to the home, and if children and/or pets will be in your home.

4. Prepare for Inconvenience in Your Daily Routine
Depending on your project, you can use a little ingenuity to make your daily life easier. For instance, if you are preparing for a kitchen remodeling project, make sure that you set up a "kitchen" area somewhere else, possibly with a toaster oven, coffee maker, microwave and a grill. An experienced remodeling contractor has been through this process many times, so they can make recommendations that can help you with the set up.

5. Expect the Worst and Hope for the Best
There may be unforeseen “behind the wall” issues. Ask your contractor what kind of issues s/he has encountered on comparable projects. For instance, if you are considering an attic remodeling project and have had water damage, you might ask about possible mold issues behind a wall. Knowledgeable remodeling contractors can make estimates, but please keep in mind that they will not know until the walls are torn down.

6. Be Mentally Prepared
By keeping a realistic time frame in mind and understanding that there may be many unexpected delays, such as inclement weather for a deck remodel, there also may be material issues, scheduling issues, change order delays, building, electrical and plumbing code Inspections delays and possibly illnesses from workers or your own family members.

7. Communicate!
Miscommunication can become a real issue with any remodeling project whether it is big or small. There can be miscommunication between household members, lead carpenters, workers, and the remodeling contractor. It’s extremely important that everyone is on the same page, so you will be amazed by the results!

8. Focus on the Progress!
Remember to keep your eye on the dream that you have envisioned. Rest assured that it will soon come to fruition and all of the disruption in your normal schedule will have been worth it!

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