3 Advantages of 3D Rendering

Using 3D Rendering For Remodeling A Home

At CORE Remodeling, we understand that home remodeling may be one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make, whether you are adding an addition, garage, family room or creating the kitchen of your dreams. The easiest way to avoid a lot of problems and extra costs with a remodeling project is to take the time to plan and visualize your project. 3D rendering or visualization of your project is one of the best methods for this, and it will also help to make your home improvement project run much smoother, while saving time and money. Here's why.

1. Easier to Visualize
Most clients have a hard time understanding 2D floor plans. Seeing your project in 3D is more detailed and offers you a more realistic visual display. This will help you with the placements of cabinets and walls as well as taking out or adding windows. 3D rendering will also help you with the placement of lighting. Viewing lighting in 3D will enable you to see natural light as well as placement of light fixtures.

2. Minimizes Errors
When your plans are constructed using the 3D rendering software you, the home owner, and your contractor will be able to understand the scope of your project better. This will cut down on any errors that could result in delays for your project.

3. Make Changes Prior to Construction
Seeing the completed 3D rendering in color will bring your project to life. This will provide you with the opportunity to make any changes prior to the construction process; and it will help you save on time and money during the construction process.

Our team at CORE Remodeling always says the easiest way to avoid a lot of problems with a remodeling project is in the planning and visualization of your project. We believe in it so much that we are now offering 3D color rendering to our clients. This is the latest technology we have added to our ever growing company! Remember we are a design-build firm that will be there with you from start to finish!!